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Illuminate Life, Brighten the Future - Chiphy, Your Eco-friendly Lighting Partner

At Chiphy, we believe that minimalism is not just a design style, but a way of life. Our design team draws inspiration from nature to create lighting that is both beautiful and practical. Our pursuit is a design in harmony with nature, not just superficial beauty, but a deep commitment to environmental principles.

Why choose us

Making Every Light, an Art of Illuminating Life

At Chiphy, our focus extends beyond aesthetics and functionality to environmental innovation. We use sustainable materials, promoting a green lifestyle, making each light a tribute to the planet.

Aesthetic Excellence

We pursue a design philosophy that is simple yet profound, turning every product into an art piece for your home, adding serenity and elegance to your life.

Smart and Convenient

Combining cutting-edge technology, Chiphy's lighting is user-friendly and feature-rich. We continually innovate to bring the convenience of smart lighting to every household.

Customer-Centric Experience

Starting with customer needs, we provide exquisite designs, fine craftsmanship, and thoughtful service. The Chiphy team is committed to enhancing your home experience, delivering satisfaction beyond expectations.

Aesthetic Excellence
Smart and Convenient
Customer-Centric Experience

Customer Reviews

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JJ HillCustomer

The product came extremely well-packaged — I’ve never seen better coming out of China. The assembly was simple enough to carry out, as both the diagrams and instructions were clear, well-illustrated, and well-written in satisfactory English.


I will suggest buy the cheap normal ones and get some smart bulbs to replace if you want multi color. I did that and works perfectly. Beautiful. I change color based on the theme of the year. So so pretty. Love them. Best Wish.


My husband loves to use this lamp on the desk he looks at coins. The lamp shines only down, so there is no wasted light. It has multiple levels and putts off an impressive amount of light for the size. This is great!


I have no complaints. It’s sturdy, looks nice, and I love the swivel head. I’m using it as a grow light but once summer rolls back around I’ll be able to use it as a normal floor lamp. Thinking about getting one for my office.

D J LCustomer

We love everything about this. Our mission was to have a good video conference light for inside offices, it works great and is very to assemble and the remote makes it very nice. I am very happy with this.

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