Adjustable Full Spectrum LED Grow Light - 40W, 2300-6500K, 10-Level Dimmable, Up to 69'' Height, Optional Tray, Remote & Timer - Chiphy

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🌞 Full Spectrum & Adjustable Color Temperature: Experience the benefits of full-spectrum lighting with our LED grow lights. Our single-color temperature option, Full Spectrum 4000K, does not include a daily cycle timer (4/8/12H) or remote control. It's perfect for all plant stages, from seedling to flowering, mimicking natural sunlight to ensure your indoor garden thrives year-round.

🔆 Precision Brightness Control: Featuring 10 dimmable levels, our grow lights provide tailored lighting solutions to meet the specific needs of your plants. Adjust the light intensity from 1% to 100% to perfectly simulate the natural light cycle of the sun, promoting healthier plant growth and bloom.

📏 Flexible Height Adjustment: Easily adjust the light height up to 69 inches to accommodate plants of any size. Whether you're growing tall foliage or nurturing compact seedlings, our lights ensure that every plant receives the precise amount of light it needs, enhancing your indoor gardening experience.

⏲️ Smart Timer & Remote Operation: Our Dual Color with Remote option, adjustable from 2300K to 6500K with 10 settings, includes a daily cycle timer (4/8/12H) and a remote control for convenience and efficiency. This feature automates your plant care routine, making it easier to manage your garden’s lighting needs.

🏠 Sturdy Design with Optional Tray: Crafted from durable all-metal, our grow lights promise longevity and stability. Select models include a handy tray, perfect for holding small plants, gardening tools, or decorative items, adding both functionality and style to your indoor garden setting.

🌱 Versatile & Energy-Efficient: Ideal for a wide range of indoor gardening activities, from nurturing tender seedlings to enhancing the flowering of plants. Our 40W LED panel ensures bright, energy-efficient illumination, making it an essential tool for gardeners looking to boost their plant's growth and vitality.


    Full Spectrum Grow Light for Indoor PlantsAdjustable Height & BrightnessWhole Metal UpgradedBright Light & Energy-savingMultifunctional Grow Light
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    Full Spectrum Grow Light for Indoor Plants

    Adjustable Height & Brightness

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    Whole Metal Upgraded

    Bright Light & Energy-saving

    Multifunctional Grow Light

    Adjustable Height & Brightness

    Height Adjustable with Larger Growing Area for Medium to Large Plants

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews

    I like the product, but I thought I was ordering one with the 4/8/12 hour timer. The description is misleading. It cost too much to send it back. It will not work with any type of timer.

    Tobias Buecheler
    Great light for plants

    Bought this for a bonsai to get additional light. Very pleased with the product - beautiful design, easy to install, flexible light direction and height, comfortable (lighting can be programmed with the included socket) and quick delivery + very good effect on the bonsai. Highly recommended if you are looking for a stylish, comfortable light that supports your plants.

    Marc M.
    Top notch product

    The timer function and brightness are fantastic, but the base is pretty small when you have the light at its highest stance. A bigger base would be better. Otherwise, this is a top notch product.

    Grow light with good features

    I ordered a grow light for my plants that are in darker areas. This one is quite bright and rich in functions and features including dimming, timer, and color temperature adjustment. There is generous cord length and Velcro to tidy it up. The remote is very helpful. I just had to add 2 AAA batteries. The length of the pole is adjustable by increasing or decreasing the amount of rods to the lamp. It could also make a nice floor lamp as well. I like the versatility. Its a good price for the value and appears to be made well.

    F. Watson
    Grow Lights, Full Spectrum LED Plant Light for Indoor Plants

    This is a decent floor standing Grow Light. It can be full extended for maximum height OR, kept shorter if using for another reason. I'm using this light right now on an indoor grow, I haven't any issues, nor did I have a difficut time getting this to just the correct height to not burn the plants leaves etc. I say, good item 👍