Full Spectrum Desk LED Grow Lights - Chiphy, 40W Aluminum Tabletop Lamp, Auto Timer 4H/8H/12H, 16''-30'' Adjustable Height, Remote Control - Ideal for All Plant Sizes

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🌱 Full Spectrum for Tabletop Plants: Chiphy's sleek plant grow light is perfect for desktops, countertops, or plant shelves, providing full-spectrum light for tabletop houseplants. It supports all growth stages from seedling to fruiting, making it an ideal solution for dark corners in your home, especially during winter.

Automatic Timer & Adjustable Height: Featuring 4/8/12-hour timing cycles for daily automatic on/off. Height adjustable from 16'' to 31'' with a 90-degree angle, it's perfect for plants of various heights, including succulents and vegetables.

🔆 40W Brightness & Adjustable Color Temperature: With 40W and 3350 Lumen LEDs, this grow lamp simulates natural sunlight, enhancing photosynthesis. Adjustable color temperature (2300K-6500K) caters to different plant growth stages, with 10 dimming levels from 1% to 100%.

🛠️ Durable Aluminum & Stable Base: Constructed with premium aluminum for efficient heat dissipation and rust protection. Energy-efficient, saving on electricity bills. The sturdy steel base ensures safety around kids and pets. Comes with a remote control for easy operation.

🌼 Multifunctional & Wide Application: Its modern minimalist design also serves as a stylish table or desk lamp for reading and working. Ideal for plant enthusiasts to promote growth, bloom, and thriving of indoor plants in balconies, greenhouses, offices, and indoor gardens.


Full Spectrum Grow Light for Indoor PlantsAdjustable Height & BrightnessWhole Metal UpgradedBright Light & Energy-savingMultifunctional Grow Light

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Customer Reviews

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Guy Fieri
High quality, works great

Easy to assemble, very bright, sleek design, timer works perfectly and my plants clearly were happier and growing well under this light.

My plants are happy with this light

This lamp has so many features. It can be used as a regular, dimmable lamp with warm or cool white light or in grow light mode. All of the modes are dimmable. It comes with a remote, works well with a smart plug, adjustable height, and the head can be tilted. I use it as a grow light. I’ve had it for 2-3 weeks and the plant on the left has been under this light while the one on the right has been in the windowsill where these plants do very well. I only keep the lamp on about 12 hours/day and it’s on the second lowest setting that mimics the light from the windowsill. The plant under the light has grown much more. Both plants are watered and fertilized at the same time—only difference is the lamp. To adjust the height, you do need to disassemble and reassemble the lamp, but it’s not difficult. It also has 360 degree lighting so you can put a few small plants under it. The base is too big however; they need to make it smaller or much large because most pots have to straddle the base unless you tilt the light. Also, a blue light stays on when the lamp is turned off—not ideal for a bedroom.

Terrie Allen
Works great!

This is a decent grow light. It states that it is 40W. The assembly was very simple. It is a nice-looking grow light. It doesn't take up a lot of room.

My plants love this light

I recently purchased this grow light and I am blown away by its performance. My plants have never looked better - they are growing at an incredible rate! The light is easy to set up and adjust, and it provides the perfect amount of light for my indoor plants. I highly recommend this grow light to any plant lover looking to give their plants a boost. My only regret is not buying it sooner!

Carolyn Hahn
Easy to assemble, my plants LOVE them

These are a cinch to put together and add a truly pleasant light not just as plant lights, but as lighting. My previous plant lights were inexpensive and flimsy and the light was cold. These are truly versatile—you can warm or cool the shade, use it as a night light, or just let it pour down sunshiny love. I have a not-sunny-enough window wall of cacti and succulents which are sprouting happily with two of these. The design looks like flying saucers but it’s sleek enough and as I said, the light is quite pleasant. Not the cheapest, but definitely a great purchase. Your plants will thank you!!!