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Mar 22, 2024LiangJunjing

Can you guess the ONE factor that completely alters the vibe of your space without lifting a single finger? It’s all about the ambient lighting.

At Chiphy, we’re on a mission to make great style easy and accessible, no matter what your aesthetic looks like. That’s why we designed our floor lamp ambient lighting system to deliver dynamic lighting solutions and soothing visuals in one easy-to-use package.

Backed by a unique patented design, this modern floor lamp is here to transform your space for every occasion, whether you’re looking for a cozy night in or you’re gearing up for your next big gathering. Let’s take a look at why ambient lighting is so important and how you can use this streamlined system to reimagine your space on your terms.

How Ambient Lighting Impacts Your Space

Have you ever noticed how your body responds to bright office lighting versus the quaint atmosphere of a dimly lit cafe? That’s because ambient lighting is about more than just aesthetics; it directly impacts the way your body and mind process your surroundings.

 Not to be confused with accent lighting, ambient lighting refers to the overall light level in your room, which is often brighter or softer, depending on your needs. For instance, many experts believe that bright, cool light is conducive to work and study because it stimulates the senses and keeps your mind alert.

 On the other hand, soft, warm colors are associated with relaxation, creating a soothing atmosphere for unwinding at night. To top it off, certain colors can also have a huge impact on your overall mood, like blue for creating a dreamy, sleepy state or red for igniting intensity and passion. Either way, your choice of lighting is guaranteed to completely transform your office, living room, bedroom, and more.

Inside The Chiphy Floor Lamp Patented Design

No matter what your interior design style looks like, Chiphy floor lamp has a lighting solution tailored to use. Our floor lamp was created with maximum comfort and convenience in mind, giving you the freedom to easily adjust the vibe of your space with just one click.

Adjustable Brightness

Ready to unwind after a long day? With Chiphy, you can adjust the brightness on your floor lamp as the day goes on, keeping your room vibrant during the day or cozy at night. Featuring over 10 levels of brightness, this system has an expansive color temperature range of 2500 - 6500K, providing endless options for setting the mood.

Just in case you’re curious, lower-level color temperatures often emit a warm, tranquil glow, while temperatures on the higher end of the spectrum provide vibrant illumination. We recommend adjusting your brightness levels throughout the day, making your space perfect for work, studying, relaxing, and everything in between.

Eye-Caring Illumination

Unlike many other ambient lighting systems, we care about our customers' long-term visual health and well-being. That’s why our floor lamp uses patented eye-care technology to avoid damage to your eyes. Our 9Wx2 LED bulbs provide minimal glare and flickering, all while giving you sustainable lighting that cuts your energy costs and keeps your space fresh for years to come.

Easy-To-Use Controls

Tired of manually adjusting your lights at the end of the day? Our smart controls system allows you to instantly adjust the color settings, brightness, and more directly from your smart device using the “Smart Life” app or via voice controls with Google and Alexa.

Or, if you’re looking for a more traditional solution, we offer an easy-to-use remote control and a convenient foot pedal for turning your lights off on the go. Simply put, Chiphy gives you more ways to control your ambient lighting in less time, so you never have to stress about leaving the lights on.

Universally Chic

Every space has a story to tell, and our modern floor lamp was designed to be the perfect interior design piece for every style and budget. Whether you love a sleek, modern look or you’re going for the cottage-core aesthetic, our color-changing system and textured lamp shade are here to match your ever-changing taste.

Most importantly, our floor lamps are designed for real life. Using a patented Dupont Tyvek lampshade, each base gives you maximum stability that reduces the risk of accidents in your home, especially if your space is filled with the sounds of little feet or the warmth of furry friends. Ultimately, we want your space to look good for life.

Ambient Lighting Tips From The Chiphy Team

Looking to upgrade your ambient lighting game but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here are just a few of our favorite ways to get the most out of your Chiphy floor lamp.

Play With Color

With more than 16 million color combinations to choose from, setting the perfect mood has never been easier. We love to use our lamps to enhance the vibes in our space, and you can even activate alternating colors based on your preferences. Just slide the color wheel to the hues you’re looking for and immerse yourself in each moment.

Embrace The Seasons

Say goodbye to tangled holiday lights and hello to dynamic lighting solutions. Our floor lamp is the perfect way to enhance your decorations for Halloween, Christmas, and every holiday in between so you can instantly create the look you want without all of the extra stress.

Why Our Customers Love Chiphy Floor Lamp

“Beautiful. Looks exquisite ! I got the XL size . So happy I purchased. I wanted something a little less traditional than a normal floor lamp and this went beyond my expectations. Highly recommend if you’re thinking about it, please purchase. Also LOVE the packaging it came in.” - Janel

 “This two bulb light is just perfect in our living room. When it's on it is a decorative focal point. I bought two smart bulbs along with the light and automated it through Alexa. I am extremely happy with my purchase and would buy it again.” - Ward

 “We have so many lighting options now and we're having a ball coming up with different schemes! We went a little nuts taking pics to attach so you guys can see some of the options we have now. You can change the color/warmth/brightness of each bulb individually (the lamp has 2 bulbs). To have a different color on the top and bottom, you simply turn off one bulb and adjust the other. When you're ready to customize the second bulb, turn off the first and adjust the second. When you're done, turn on both bulbs and voila - you have a custom multicolored scheme!” -Rose

Ready To Reimagine Your Space?

Creating the perfect ambient lighting in your space doesn’t have to be complicated. With Chiphy floor lamp, you can quickly adjust your brightness settings, create a custom color scheme, and transform your space from top to bottom, all in one easy-to-use system. Best of all, our patented design to built to withstand daily life, delivering results that last.

Visit our online store today to get started.Clik here to visit our ambient soft lamps collection.


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