Full Spectrum 60W High-Intensity Grow Light - Adjustable 2300-6500K Color, Extendable Up to 85'', Dimmable Brightness, Smart Timer, Remote Control - Chiphy

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🌞 Adaptive Color Temperature & Automated Timing: Our grow light offers a broad color temperature spectrum from a warm 2300K to a cool 6500K, accommodating various plant growth phases with precision. The integrated 4/8/12H timer ensures your plants receive consistent, optimal lighting, even when you're not around, all easily managed with the included remote control for hassle-free adjustments.

🌟 Powerful 60W Luminosity for Thriving Plants: Engineered with a robust 60W output that generates an impressive 6600 lumens, this light bathes your plants in a full spectrum of sunlight-mimicking radiance. This encourages healthy, robust growth across all stages, from the tender seedling phase to the full bloom of flowering and fruiting.

📐 Customizable Height for Plant Diversity: With its versatile design, the light's height can be adjusted up to an impressive 85 inches, ensuring that plants of any size, from petite herbs to towering greenery, receive the light they need. This feature is particularly beneficial for vertical gardens or spaces with varying plant heights.

🔆 Tailored Intensity with Dimmable Options: Mimic the natural light conditions with 10 adjustable brightness levels, providing your plants with the right amount of light at the right time. This feature is especially useful for simulating the gentle rise and fall of sunlight, catering to the delicate needs of various plant species.

🏠 Elegant Design & Lasting Durability: Beyond its practicality, this grow light boasts a sleek, minimalist design that seamlessly integrates into any indoor space, adding a touch of modern elegance. The durable all-metal construction not only enhances the light's longevity but also ensures stability and safety, making it a reliable addition to your home gardening setup.


Full Spectrum Grow Light for Indoor PlantsAdjustable Height & BrightnessWhole Metal UpgradedBright Light & Energy-savingMultifunctional Grow Light

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Customer Reviews

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Nice product. Very bright, but not a blinding light. The remote and timer are great.


Love this grow light. It works like a charm.


Loved the lamp! Well built, radiates well, great height & light levels!

Mathias Bagunk
Schöne Lampe

Die Lampe ist durchgängig gut Verarbeitet, auch die Verkabelung macht einen vernünftigen Eindruck. Hätte auch in Europa hergestellt sein können, sprich kein üblicher China Ramsch! Allerdings hätte ich mir eine bessere Beschreibung über die Einstellung der verschiedenen Stufen der Lichtfarbe gewünscht. Ansonsten ist die Aufstellung und Bedienung selbsterklärend. Ob meine Pflanzen die Lampe mögen muss ich noch abwarten. Insgesamt gesehen ist die Preis-Leistung wirklich gut. Lieferzeit gute 2 Wochen einberechnen.