Modern LED Ambience Aesthetic Night Lighting Idea Floor Lamp for Bedroom


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  • CHIPHY decorative aesthetic LED light can make a special atmosphere for your family to enjoy family time. It has a cool and special design lampshade, the multiple color lights across the fabric lampshade will generate a special and fantastic atmosphere. Lots of lighting effects are waiting for you.
  • This led lights room idea has 2 LED RGB light bulbs and one remote control. The remote control allows you to adjust the bulbs together or separately. You can use it to change the light color, brightness, color temperature. You can customize the lighting effect for your specific needs. For instance, if you are reading the books or watching TV or get some rest, you can set up a warm yellow or white color, which will make you feel more comfortable and cozy. But if you wanna celebrate or have a party, change to purple, red, blue and etc will be your best choice. The colored lights and great function make it can be the best modern lamp for bedroom.
  • And you will love this aesthetic led lamp after you use it due to the smart functions. You can use the remote control to set a timer for turn off, which means you can directly enjoy the sleep or rest on the bed or sofa without go to touch it and turn off it. And there are 2 options for timer, including 30 minutes and 60 minutes.
  • For this series ambience lighting floor lamp, we provide 5 size options. All details for each other size below. You can pick the best one for you, according to your demands. This RGB color changing decor floor lamp is suitable for anywhere in the house, such as living room, bedroom, lounge, sitting room, master bedroom, gaming room, home office, corner and etc.
ambience light
Colourful Decorative Lamp Size XS, S, M, L, XL
Style Color Changing, Decor, Modern, Stand, Aesthetic Light
Lampshade Design Cool, Whole White
Special Features Color changing, Dimmable, Adjustable color temperature, Sleeping timer, Adjustable brightness, Remote
Bulb Type RGB LED Light Bulb
Bulbs Quantity 2
Voltage 120 Volts
Luminous Flux 1800 Lumen
Wattage 18 watts
Maximum Compatible Wattage 120 Watts
Power Source Corded Electric

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XS, S, M, L, XL

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17 reviews for Modern LED Ambience Aesthetic Night Lighting Idea Floor Lamp for Bedroom

  1. MiamiMark

    This lamp is a pain in the @ss to assemble (in particular, the last step involving the spring), doesn’t provide much light (only useful as an accent light), and is too expensive considering the thin metal frame and tyvek shade it comes equipped with. All that being said, when you finally have the lamp put together and turned on, it does look great. It is what it is, just know what you’re getting for your money…..a flimsy frame that¡¯s annoying to assemble and expensive, but ultimately looks pretty cool.

  2. Detroit Lori

    Ok, I won’t sugar coat this…Almost cried when I opened the box. First, thought they messed up, because the box was so small..The shade is very very thin, was terrified I was going to poke my finger right thru, but I didn’t…Little issue with directions not being completely correct, but I figured it out. These things are seriously cool. I love them, I get tons of compliments, because they are great. So many colors and combinations, dimmer on both bulbs…

  3. Todd

    Amazing LED light. Fully customizable bulbs. You can turn the light to every imaginable color and brightness is adjustable. Light has automatic color changing mode too, which you can also adjust the speed of color change. Comes with two bulbs which are independently adjustable. I sometimes just play around with the lights, makes me happy.

  4. Kimberly R

    This was a little difficult to assemble, but seems sturdy when put together. I love the DuPont fabric on the lamps. The lights change from warm to cool, colored lights, alternating color lights, and can even go through a set pattern of colors for a party effect. Would recommend these lamps to others.

  5. Alexis

    The different controls and lights for this lamp are so cool!! I absolutely love playing with all of the settings and seeing the different colors it makes. I only bought one of these lamps so far and it is a perfect night time light for me. However it does not get very bright, you couldn’t use it to be able to read with. The assembly was pretty easy. Pretty happy with the product.

  6. Yvonne johnson

    Ok from the pictures and the video I was hoping it was going to look like that. I was so happy it looked better and adds a different style to my living room. I totally love it. Family members want to order a few also.

  7. Texas Transplant

    Have this lamp in a corner to provide enough light to see the room, but not too bright. While we tried all the colors, the golden one is what we wanted for our purposes. The other colors are cool and would be fun when having a party. It was easy to assemble. It is a fabric cover, which allows the light to show through the entire lamp and makes it easy to move as needed.

  8. P. Shrivas

    Was looking for a modern led lamp to compliment the new white leather sofa in the living room and was attracted by rave reviews this lamp has. It has not disappointed. I am getting compliments from visitors. However this lamp does have some issues: the remote control is not intuitive at all and takes a while to understand. Assembly was also somewhat tricky. Bulbs are not very bright- but good for decoration.

  9. Brandon

    Without my fiance there to help me, this light wouldve been more of a pain in the butt than it already was. Not the easiest thing I had to put together. Even with help, I had to use my feet for extra help. The white light setting was brighter than I expected. But some lights are a bit darker than I expected. I still love the light, dont get me wrong. I may even buy a second one so I have one on both sides of my gaming desk. The remote takes some playing around with to get use to it, but it’s not rocket science. Just play with it and you’ll get it.

  10. jon

    I bought one of these lamps and loved it so much i ordered a second to even out the room. The colors have a great mood aura thats perfect with a late night movie or you can use them in place of a lamp for just a white light. You can control the dimness with the remote on all features and can also control the speed of the changing colors. Assembly is simple and easy to understand although if i had to be critical, if you don’t tighten the tubing in the middle “very tight” upon assembly the lamp will bow..i had to rebuild 3 times to get it correct. Nonetheless that mishap was not enough to lower my rating. Great seller…great lamp!

  11. Laura Dyer

    I went looking for a standard floor lamp because I had a dark corner in my living room that was starting to drive me crazy. I saw the pictures and the videos and ordered two of the lamps to put next to my TV. The lamps arrived sooner than anticipated – BONUS! I immediately assembled them and was inspired to rearrange my living room. It was a bit of a challenge because of space but the point is that once I saw the lamps in person, I was completely inspired. I LOVE these lamps and I actually ordered two more for my bedroom. Don’t hesitate to get these! They are just so pretty and fun!

  12. Tiara

    The lamps are beautiful,I recently purchase 2 xl for the living room.And wow they are definitely tall. The colors are just beautiful,I did find putting them together to be a bit of a hassle. Also because I have two the remote control don¡¯t necessarily work for them both, meaning you try to adjust one n do both but you only want one to respond lol… And I think one came slightly damaged or bent because it kinda leans a little.. The are kinda expensive but I like the look of them n my kids are thrilled. I have to see if we are returning the damage on or maybe replace with another..

  13. LJ

    I love these lamps! I have bought two now, one for myself and one for a friend who loved it when she saw it in my living room. It isn’t too bright, which is great, but probably would not be great as a primary light source in a large room. I love that I can change the color which can change the atmosphere of the entire room. I have two large dogs and an energetic three year old and the light stands strong even when it gets knocked into. Its light enough though that if it were to fall on someone, it wouldn’t cause any problems

  14. S. Shoemaker

    I love the different colors and lighting levels that are possible with this lamp. You have lots of variety to choose from and you can suit your lighting to your purpose at a given moment and also to your mood. It’s especially nice for mellow lighting in the evening when you’re trying to wind down from a long day. As for putting it together, you have to extend the sleeve until it is under a lot of tension. So much tension, in fact, that I couldn’t get it to work. I ended up substituting a shorter “tube” piece of my own (discarding the provided part) in order to be able to get it together. Maybe I missed something, but I’m usually fairly good at putting stuff together and I didn’t see another way around this problem.

  15. Lorok

    So beautiful! Easy directions to put together, helpful to have a second person to assemble. It looks just like the pictures and is completely customizable with color and brightness.

  16. Quetta McD

    My girls and I *looooove* this lamp. I love the brightness and color combinations. It has a 30 and 60 minute shut off timer and we use that for bed. The size and shape are perfect for our small space. I think it would be classier if the shade seams weren’t so dang visible. It was all I could see when I first started using it, but I think I’m blind to it now. Ultimately, this will end up in the kids room because of the seams.

  17. zach8870

    These are great lamps that can easily set the aesthetic of any room. They are super bright and one alone can light up an entire room. There are many different color combos as well as a standard white mode with different levels of warmth depending on the time of day. One thing I will say is that assembly is a little more difficult than it should be especially if you are short and you bought the large lamp, but it is by no means impossible and the instructions were easy to understand. The wifi remote works great from any distance, but the lights do slowly desync if running in one of the fade modes. Also these are very expensive but if you like very nice lighting then I think it is worth it.

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