LED Color Changing Cool Master Bedroom Lighting Fixture with Remote Control


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  • CHIPHY color changing led room light will bring a romantic and fantastic environment for you. The bottom of the lampshade is gradually changing color with purple, which is a very cool and special feature design. Also, there are 5 sizes you can pick, according to the different places you will put, you can choose the best size for you. After light up, it will be the best decorating fixture in your room.
  • This cool light with 2 RGB LED light bulbs and remote control, which means you can set up the lighting colors, color temperature, brightness. There are 7 colors and 3 modes of changing frequency you can pick, choose them according to your mood and need. If you are relaxing, you can pick a soft and warm white or yellow color. Or you are going to hold a party, you can set some exciting colors, such as purple, red and so on. This led light with remote control not just plays a role for light source, but also more about set an interesting and special atmosphere for you.
  • It is a good light fixture for bedrooms due to the convenient remote control. It is an amazing thing that you can turn off this floor lamp on the bed. And you can set a timer during sleep and relaxing time, including 30 minutes and 60 minutes.
  • With the lightweight fabric and several metal tubes, you can easily put it together after reading instruction. Maybe you use it as a master bedroom lighting fixture, and there are some places you need to try, including living room, gaming room, corner, lounge, home office, next to the sofa or TV and so on.
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Colourful Decorative Lamp Size XS, S, M, L, XL
Style Color Changing, Decor, Cool, Standing
Lampshade Design Cool, Mix Purple and White
Special Features Color changing, Dimmable, Adjustable color temperature, Sleeping timer, Adjustable brightness, Remote
Bulb Type RGB LED Light Bulb
Bulbs Quantity 2
Voltage 120 Volts
Luminous Flux 1800 Lumen
Wattage 18 watts
Maximum Compatible Wattage 120 Watts
Power Source Corded Electric

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XS, S, M, L, XL

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11 reviews for LED Color Changing Cool Master Bedroom Lighting Fixture with Remote Control

  1. angela

    Love this lamp. It lights up absolutely beautiful and since you can change the colors, you can have the exact look you are going for. We have had so many compliments and have made several referrals. The purple is our favorite!

  2. Stephen Ryan

    I have this setup in my living room. Its great background lighting. It was easy to setup and my daughter loves the color combinations.

  3. Harry H Thomas

    When I first opened the box, I thought this was going to be a cheap POS. However, after putting it together and using it for the past few months, I like it. More importantly, my wife likes it as well. The foot-activated switch is convenient, and it is such an interesting looking light.

  4. Sarah

    Absolutely love this lamp. Next one I buy will be taller. Will purchase again and recommend.
    chiphy floor lamp reviews

  5. Jaslyn HERnandez

    My Husband put this together for me in under 30 min! The brightness is perfect! Took more time figuring out how to adjust the lighting in colors than putting the lamp together. I will be purchasing another.

  6. Zuleyka Morales

    Really beautiful lamp. Sturdy, simple, sleek, pretty, bright, colorful, and does not take up a lot of space. The color variations are beautiful and it also comes with a foot switch. Easy to assemble and look at ????This is the best lamp I’ve ever owned! ?????.

  7. Amanda P

    Such a great light tower! All the different colors and variations of color transitions are amazing! It is soothing as a nightlight or helpful with setting the ambiance in the room! Worth the money and easy picture only assembly!

  8. Nicole

    I never write reviews but this product absolutely deserves one. The lights are incredible!!! Best purchase I¡¯ve made. They were easy to assemble, came with the lights and remotes ready to go. There are so many options of colors and settings that you can set however you like to fit the mood. The material is strong and durable and I don¡¯t worry about them collapsing or breaking. These lights are incredible and absolutely worth the price.

  9. BillShearn

    I love the look and color combination that you can create with this lamp….Its super cool. I helps create what ever atmosphere you are trying to……colors are vibrant……the cool white and warm white work great too.

  10. Taylor Scott

    This is a very pretty lamp! It’s a little difficult to set up by yourself if you’re not very strong. Which is why I got help! I like the colors to pick from, though I do wish it was a little brighter. I use these lamps with a backdrop of mine for livestreaming, and the camera doesn’t pick up on it too well, especially colors like red and dark blue. But, overall, I’m very happy!

  11. Sybil High

    This lamp is awesome! I love the remote control that can make it go from warm to cool, change colors, set a timer to turn off. This is really a great and beautiful floor lamp.

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