Dimmable floor lamp with remote(Extra Large)

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  • Safe night light and choose your light effect: When you turn the lamp off by remote, the lamp will glow like firefly luminescence. The light is very faint and soft. If you don’t need the light, you can turn off the lamp by the foot switch. The brightness and color temperature(2700k-6500k) of Smart Bulbs can be adjustable. It can also add some soft ambience to your dark room during watching TV or talking.
  • Create a homey atmosphere and match with any décor: Two 12W bulbs of the lamp offer a pleasant warm white light for your room. The light glows soft and gentle. The room lamp quietly complements your room with its delicate appearance.
  • More functions in a remote controller: The 2.4GHz controller can control the 2 smart bulbs of the standing light together or separately. It also has a Timer. There are two options: 30/60 mins.
  • Easy to assemble: According to the instruction step by step you can assemble the fabric lamp easily.(NOTICE: Follow the instruction slowly and carefully) Installation guide video link: https://youtu.be/kNCjZtNFc4k
  • Sturdy and safe: The corner lamp is made of fabric and has a UL-certification. It is light and easy to move. Because of the sturdy base, you can put it in any room. In addition, it isn’t difficult to clean. Just needs a wet towel.

Intimate and welcoming atmosphere

When you rather want a soft sweet ambience for an intimate, welcoming atmosphere, you can always dim the light.

Match easily with modern/traditional decors

Simple and elegant, this CHIPHY floor lamp quietly complements your room with its special appearance.

Adjustable color temperature and dimmable bulbs

You can modify the brightness and color temperature of the bulbs at any time. The lamp creates a fantastic light effect on your home.

Remote control

Not only the feet button can turn off/on the lamp, but also a remote control. Numerous functions are included in the controller.

A sleep timer

If you are on the bed and playing a cellphone or watching TV in the bedroom. The sleep timer can help you turn off the lamp automatically after 30/60 mins.

A unique design

It is different from the arc lamp or Torchiere. The Lamp is like a square column with beautiful texture, when the lamp is on.

Without glare and diffuse

The CHIPHY floor lamp is different from the traditional LED floor lamp. It glows soft and prevent glare and diffuse.

Additional information

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 31 × 8 cm

XS, S, M, L, XL


Fabric, Metal

Type of Bulb


Luminous Flux

2400 lm



Color Temperature

2700 Kelvin~6500 Kelvin

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10 reviews for Dimmable floor lamp with remote(Extra Large)

  1. Hummingbird12

    OK. I am impressed. This lamp was easy to put together. It has a classy look when assembled and lit. I have tried it in a couple of rooms and may have to order another one because it looked great in several locations.A great aspect is that you can change the intensity from bright to dim with your remote.The assembly instructions are easy and it only took me about 10-15 minutes.

  2. kerry

    I am glad I ordered with remote. That was worth it . It can change from bright to soft and dim from bright to soft. The light not on is very white . Company sent and got it the next day and sent a email full of quick pointers. May get another for daughters room

  3. VE

    Beautiful, easy enough to assemble. Balancing this on carpet is tricky

  4. Kindle Customer

    Very nice. A warm or cool glow.

  5. Mary

    Such a cool lamp!! We wanted something to replace the ambiance of the Christmas tree and this was perfect!

  6. Mary

    Love the lamp!! It¡¯s very modern and sturdy and I love how the remote controls both lamps. I highly recommend it. One of my nest purchases on Amazon!!

  7. Lori S.

    I got this light in a flat box and immediately questioned it. The pictures in the directions were fairly straightforward and it took me about 20 min to put the light together. I dislike having the lamp constructed and having to reach in and remove bulbs to sync them with the remote – I think this could have been done prior to putting the bulb part inside the fabric. I didn¡¯t realize the corners wouldn¡¯t match up, so I took some extra time there trying to figure out if my product was defective or if I missed a step. Once I turned this light on, I was sold. I love how you can control the two bulbs separately. I love the design on the fabric. And it gives my living room the right amount of light, even being right next to my tv. This was a good online purchase and I¡¯m pleasantly surprised with the overall product. It is also surprisingly sturdy and the remote is easy to use. Highly recommended for someone looking for new lighting options.

  8. Frank

    I’m going to cut to the chase. This floor lamp is beautiful and ever since I bought it and placed it in our living room, it gets compliments whenever we have company. That being said it was a gigantic pain to install and I’m a handy guy. Tip for you future assemblers….when you’re tightening down the screw/spring combo, tighten as tight as you can and then figure out how to tighten it some more. You need that to hold the frame in place but if it’s not tightened to the max it will not hold it’s shape and you will curse. A lot!We’d buy it again and in fact my wife loves it so much, she wants me to find a matching table lamp.

  9. Canadia

    I love this lamp. It has a very good dimming range. Since it has a bulb near the top and near the bottom, you may opt to turn one or both on. You also have the option of white light or yellow.

  10. Jaz

    This lamp was exactly what I expected and more! I love everything about it. Assembly was fairly easy and instructions were helpful. The only thing that¡¯s a downfall is figuring out the remote and it¡¯s settings. The instructions for that aren¡¯t great. I think I¡¯ve spent about half an hour clicking the dang thing. I¡¯ve at least got the on/off situation figured out. However, lamp is fantastic and exactly what I wanted!

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