Color changing floor lamp with remote(Large)

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  • Create a homey atmosphere and match with any décor: Two 9W bulbs of the lamp offer a pleasant warm white light(2500K) for your room. The light glows soft and gentle. The room lamp quietly complements your room with its delicate appearance.
  • Make a fantastic light effect: There are 7 colors and 3 modes of changing frequency. The brightness and color temperature(2500k-6500k) of Smart Bulbs can be adjustable. Besides, by colorful Bulbs, you can make a fantastic light effect. It can also add some soft ambience to your dark room during watching TV or having a chat.
  • More functions in a remote controller: The 2.4GHz controller can control the 2 smart bulbs of the standing light together or separately. It also has a Timer. There are two options: 30/60 mins. The RGB-button of the controller can make the lamp colorful.
  • Easy to assemble: According to the instruction step by step you can assemble the fabric lamp easily.(NOTICE: Follow the instruction slowly and carefully) Installation guide video link:
  • Sturdy and safe: The corner lamp is made of fabric and has a UL-certification. It is light and easy to move. Because of the sturdy base, you can put it in any room. In addition, it isn’t difficult to clean. Just needs a wet towel.

Intimate and welcoming atmosphere

When you rather want a soft sweet ambience for an intimate, welcoming atmosphere, you can always dim the light.

Match easily with modern/traditional decors

Simple and elegant, this CHIPHY floor lamp quietly complements your room with its special appearance.

Color changing and dimmable bulbs

You can modify the color of the bulbs at any time. The brightness and color temperature is also adjustable. The lamp creates a fantastic light effect on your home.

Remote control

Not only the feet button can turn off/on the lamp, but also a remote control. Numerous functions are included in the controller.

A sleep timer

If you are on the bed and playing a cellphone or watching TV in the bedroom. The sleep timer can help you turn off the lamp automatically after 30/60 mins.

A unique design

It is different from the arc lamp or Torchiere. The Lamp is like a square column with beautiful texture, when the lamp is on.

Without glare and diffuse

The CHIPHY floor lamp is different from the traditional LED floor lamp. It glows soft and prevent glare and diffuse.

Additional information

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 31 × 8 cm

XS, S, M, L, XL


Fabric, Metal

Type of Bulb


Luminous Flux

1600 lm



Color Temperature

2500 Kelvin~6500 Kelvin

24 reviews for Color changing floor lamp with remote(Large)

  1. Emily N. Weil

    I like the product. It’s just as it’s advertised and a good value. I am happy with my purchase

  2. Stephen R. Frazier

    Very unique floor lamp . . . versatile and interesting. Great item at a reasonable cost.

  3. Angelique

    It’s really beautiful to look at and I love the quality of the light that it creates. It would be excellent even if it were only white/neutral, and so the additional colors are a nice bonus.

  4. Lynda bartek

    I turn my light on in the a.m. & don¡¯t turn it off until bedtime. Love the colors & the different way it looks during day &evening. One of my best purchases. (My children each get one for their birthday)

  5. Steve M.

    quite possibly the number 1 product ever purchased off AMAZON and I’ve been buying since 2009. WOULD LOVE TO BUY 2 MORE BUT NEED HELP WITH CS on if these remotes can be programmed together to act as ONE???

  6. Peachy Keen

    These lamps are beautiful! We originally ordered one lamp and liked it so much that we ordered two more. Assembly of the first lamp was a little difficult but we had it down for the next two. I would definitely recommend this lamp. Customer service is also very good. I received an email from the seller after we assembled the lamp that answered some questions. It would be nice if this information could be included with the lamp or emailed prior to assembly.

  7. Cindy S

    bought 2 for my living room, its a nice lighting, easy to operate, but I just found out that this is not compatible with any other RB/smart bulb in you want to use their remote. no way to other bulb brand with their remote. I was wanting to use other bulb that is brighter (100w equivalent). plus in future if this bulb ever goes out , I need buy their brand which I hope they will still selling at amazon ..

  8. Roberta Calixte

    Love it. Easy instructions, labeled parts and pictures.

  9. Lori Meyers

    Ok, I won’t sugar coat this…Almost cried when I opened the box. First, thought they messed up, because the box was so small..The shade is very very thin, was terrified I was going to poke my finger right thru, but I didn’t…Little issue with directions not being completely correct, but I figured it out. These things are seriously cool. I love them, I get tons of compliments, because they are great. So many colors and combinations, dimmer on both bulbs…

  10. Adam

    Very beautiful floor lamp, brings life to the home. Thank you (:

  11. Bryan

    Very easy to assemble but the lights are kind of on the expensive side. And there¡¯s only like 7 or 8 colors to choose from. I¡¯ve also had my dog knock over a specific one a few times cuz he¡¯s an excitable goofball. But overall I¡¯m pleased. I know though that there¡¯s better mulit-color lamps out there that are as expensive and perhaps a little more sturdy.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Very good product. Happy with the purchase.

  13. Chasity

    This lamp is so cool had so many different colors and is so fun.

  14. Catherine D¡¯Andrea


  15. Brandon

    Without my fiance there to help me, this light wouldve been more of a pain in the butt than it already was. Not the easiest thing I had to put together. Even with help, I had to use my feet for extra help. The white light setting was brighter than I expected. But some lights are a bit darker than I expected. I still love the light, dont get me wrong. I may even buy a second one so I have one on both sides of my gaming desk. The remote takes some playing around with to get use to it, but it’s not rocket science. Just play with it and you’ll get it.

  16. Phantom

    Overall great lamp. But… it¡¯s extremely difficult to assemble unless you have superhuman strength. Took me about an hour. There¡¯s a spring at the top you have to hold down to complete the assembly. That was the issue. It could be that the rod in the middle that holds the lamp together is a bit too long. The rod in my lamp is slightly bent (can¡¯t see it because the shade covers it) and it was the only way to assemble it.

  17. Hailey Branyon

    Way cool. My kids love it for the playroom

  18. Jeoff

    for 80 bucks

  19. Keith

    I was initially hesitant about spending more than $100 on a lamp I had not seen in person yet but (at the time) there were no 1 or 2 star reviews so I took the chance. Figured if it was bad I could always return them. I LOVE them!Putting the lampshade on was a little difficult for one person but I managed. I ordered two sets and the one thing I’ll advise for anyone else, if you order multiple sets and plan on programming them both for one remote, then you should do so before putting on the lampshade. Each set comes with it’s own remote so if you don’t reprogram one then you’ll have to use a different remote for each lamp. Would I have been happy if these were $80 instead of $109? Of course. Am I bitter that I spent $109 on them at the end of the day? Nope.

  20. Fiorella Cagnolo


  21. Single-Gamer

    I’ve been buying a couple different lamps looking for unique ways to light my dark house lately and this is by far my favorite one. So good, I just bought a second one for another room.

  22. Megatron

    The poles inside end up bending. Not sure if this is what causes the shell to twist but not too huge of a deal. The LED bulbs are cool and the included remote is handy. There’s lots of options for the LED color combos.I was expecting something with more of a structure but this is just metal rods and the thin paper-like shell. But it does look like it appears in their pictures.

  23. angela marler

    Love this lamp. It lights up absolutely beautiful and since you can change the colors, you can have the exact look you are going for. We have had so many compliments and have made several referrals. The purple is our favorite!

  24. Travis S.

    Love it

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