Aesthetic Room Decoration Dimmer Corner Bedside Lighting Fixture Lamp


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  • Are you tired of hanging LED strip lights? This dimmer standing bedside floor lam can easily fix this problem. Because it has 2 LED dimmable light bulbs and one remote control. There are 10 levels brightness, color temperature(2500k-6500k) for smart dimmable light bulbs, you can use the remote control to set the brightness or color temperature for each bulb or together to create all kinds of lighting ambiance. So it is a great decoration LED light for room, adjust setting to create a warm and relaxing during the rest or have dinner, or you can switch to the cool white lighting at the time of watching or reading.
  • What Place You Can Set? Honestly, our unique cool LED room light lamp is a perfect addition for your house, no matter where you set. It can play the role of dimmer bedside lamp, corner light fixture, gaming room lighting and etc. Or you can place it next to the TV, sofa, couch, table. You can try it anywhere to find the best home environment you need.
  • Easy Control: With the remote control and “foot switch”, you can fully enjoy this led bedroom idea. For the “foot switch”, you can use the foot to press the button to adjust the lighting effect. On the other hand, you can use the remote control to adjust the lighting bulbs in 15 meters around. That means you can adjust this standing floor lamp on the bed, how convenient that is. Also, there is a timer function, including 30 minutes and 60 minutes.
  • And we understand there are all kinds of use condition of aesthetic room ideas led light. So we provide 5 sizes for you, including XS, S, M, L, XL. Different lamp sizes will cause different lighting effects, please pick the best size for you.
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Style Standing, Cool, Unique, Unusual
Special Features Conversation piece, Dimmable, Create a ambience
Size XS, S, M, L, XL
Color White / Yellow
Material Tyvek Fabric, Metal
Number of Bulbs 2 x Dimmable LED Bulbs
Maximum Compatible Wattage 120 Watts
Voltage 110 Volts
Power Source Corded-electric
Batteries Required? No
Luminous Flux 2400 Lumen
Wattage 24 watts
Color Temperature 2500 Kelvin
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 90.00

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XS, S, M, L, XL

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10 reviews for Aesthetic Room Decoration Dimmer Corner Bedside Lighting Fixture Lamp

  1. becca

    Like the style. Looks great in the room. Really frustrated with the remote. Seems like it only works when it’s in the mood.

  2. G. Termini

    All our friends have been complimenting us on this lamp. It’s very easy to setup: just screw the metal brace pieces together and insert into the shade. Screw in the four feet and you’re done. I really like that I can control the light temperature with the included remote, and adjust the brightness based on the situation. We keep it in our living room, and we dim it when we watch tv, and make it brighter when we have friends over. I reached out to their customer service to address a small issue, and they replied within 24 hours and solved the problem right away. Long story short: great lamp, outstanding customer service.

  3. xDisturbed_One

    It’s beautiful!I have the one with a remote option for changing brightness and color temperature. Very cool! Perfect addition to my new overhauled living room!For reference, I have the XL which stands about as tall as my chin. I’m about 6’1”.

  4. Sharlene

    Beautiful ambience I love this lamp! Very unique. Highly doubt I will go in someone else’s home and see this lamp! Everyone who comes here LOVES IT! So far so good. Worth every penny!You can use the remote to turn it on and off but it is not actually on or off until you push the button on the lamp cord. 

  5. Jaz

    This lamp was exactly what I expected and more! I love everything about it. Assembly was fairly easy and instructions were helpful. The only thing that’s a downfall is figuring out the remote and it’s settings. The instructions for that aren’t great. I think I’ve spent about half an hour clicking the dang thing. I’ve at least got the on/off situation figured out. However, lamp is fantastic and exactly what I wanted!

  6. Katie

    I get so many compliments on this lamp. It really goes great in the living room. I love that I can adjust the brightness. It really makes the room feel so calming and relaxing when I have this on. Brings out a good ambiance to the room.

  7. Greg Lehne

    The lamp was easy to put together, although it did help to have a 2nd pair of hands at the end. It looks great. The dimmer and light control is effective. I use it for backlighting for television, and to brighten up a dark corner. Very cool.

  8. Lori S.

    I got this light in a flat box and immediately questioned it. The pictures in the directions were fairly straightforward and it took me about 20 min to put the light together. I dislike having the lamp constructed and having to reach in and remove bulbs to sync them with the remote – I think this could have been done prior to putting the bulb part inside the fabric. I didn¡¯t realize the corners wouldn¡¯t match up, so I took some extra time there trying to figure out if my product was defective or if I missed a step. Once I turned this light on, I was sold. I love how you can control the two bulbs separately. I love the design on the fabric. And it gives my living room the right amount of light, even being right next to my tv. This was a good online purchase and I¡¯m pleasantly surprised with the overall product. It is also surprisingly sturdy and the remote is easy to use. Highly recommended for someone looking for new lighting options.

  9. L. Howard

    If you¡¯re having a tough time assembling this lamp, don¡¯t feel bad. You¡¯re not alone. Despite the many ¡°easy to assemble¡± comments, I personally had a *very* hard time with this! There was a lot struggling and bad language involved. That said however, once completed…. this lamp is gorgeous!! I love the remote and the ability to change brightness as well as shift between cool, neutral, and warm toned light. On its brightest setting this illuminates my whole living room with a nicely diffused light. On its dimmest regular setting it emits a soft glow, perfect for watching tv or snuggling. The ¡°nightlight¡± feature is very dim. I probably won¡¯t use that much but I can see how it would be good in a bedroom etc. This lamp is definitely worth the struggle I had with it. I¡¯m very happy with it, and I highly recommend it, as long as you have strength, patience, or someone to help you assemble it.

  10. Sharlene

    Beautiful ambience I love this lamp! Very unique. Highly doubt I will go in someone else’s home and see this lamp! Everyone who comes here LOVES IT! So far so good. Worth every penny! You can use the remote to turn it on and off but it is not actually on or off until you push the button on the lamp cord.

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