10 Tips for Picking Up a Modern RGB Floor Lamp

Modern RGB floor lamp for bedroom

Lighting plays a central part in interior decor. The type of light you choose for tour space creates a specific atmosphere to fit a season. Many people keep on changing the nature of lighting each season. Why go through all the hassle when an RGB Floor lamp can perform all the magic?

With an RGB Floor lamp, you can change the Hue and intensity of lighting. However, you do not just pick any RGB light you find in the market. There are ten important tips you need to know before picking up any modern RGB Floor Lamp for your home.

Here are the tips.

1. Space of your Room

We all live in different spaces, sometimes because of choice and other times is the cost of living. Although you may have a small space, it should not stop you from purchasing that beautiful RGB floor lamp you saw in the mall last weekend.

Some various designs and sizes are suitable for small spaces. There are also large and contemporary RGB floor lamps for vast rooms. Therefore, whatever the space is available, you will find a lamp to serve you.

2. Design of the Lamp

There is a specific theme in each room in your home. If you need a floor lamp for each room, let the design sync with the atmosphere of the room. If you find it difficult to select a floor lamp to match the language of the room, you may seek the help of an interior designer.

Keep in mind that the design you choose reflects your taste and style. And there are all types of design ranging from contemporary to conservative designs,

3. The Shape and Size of the Lamp

Your floor lamp should fit a space without looking out of place. After you decide the position, you will erect the floor lamp, choose the size enough to catch the eye. The shape of the hardware should allow the lamp to light up a large area.

4. Interior Decor of your Room

In most cases, a floor lamp is the last item you buy for your room. Buy design and color that will complement the interior design of your room. You can have different designs for different rooms, depending on the décor in each room.

5. The Use of the RGB Floor Lamp

Floor lamps have many uses. You may have some to light up the corridors, study armchair, or the living rooms. Ask your vendor to help you choose the design that suits each purpose.

6. The material of the lamp

When you are purchasing home equipment, you intend to use them for a long time. One way to ensure that an RGB floor lamp will give you value for your investment is the quality of the material it is made of.Ensure the material of the stand, and the lampshade is sturdy, practical, and aesthetic, again, do not concentrate so much on the material and forget the lamp should add beauty to a room. The materials that make floor lamps include aluminum, steel, wood, and PVC. When you opt for a wooden lamp, ensure the wood is well treated to prevent attacks from mites. Also, the metallic components should be rust-resistant.Choose a material that is easy to clean and maintain, the quality of the lamp deteriorates when the material is not manageable

7. Remote control Feature

A remote control feature is the smartest invention of any kind of lamps. They give you unlimited flexibility. You can fully utilize the different effects of your lamps with minimal movement.Check out for other smart features such as dimmable bulbs. Your floor lamp should have the ability to change the Hue so that you achieve any effect you desire.

8. Availability of Spare Parts

Some home accidents are inevitable, whether you have a small space or a vast space. Therefore, ask your supplier if the spare parts of your lamp are available in your region. In the instance you break your lamp, you can get the spare parts in a short time so that you continue enjoying the light from your beautiful floor lamp. When you choose a contemporary RGB floor lamp, you are sure that you can get the spare parts when the need arises.

9. Cost

Before you purchase anything, you must budget for the same. Keep in mind that cheap stuff is made in haste since the manufacturers are trying mass production to increase profit margin. Adjust your budget upwards to get a floor lamp that is artistic and detailed. However, some sellers found out that buyers are opting for pricey equipment, and they sell low standard floor lamps at a higher price. Create time to search for customer reviews.

10. Warranty

Finally, you need some assurance that your lamp will serve its purpose. Warranty is a sign of quality and genuine. Do not purchase any RGB floor lamp without a warrant. Choose a lamp with a longer warranty period. You will get free repairs within the warranty period. However, the warranty does not cover damages caused by careless handling.

Where to Use RGB Floor Lamps

Most people purchase floor lamps for their living rooms. However, there are no restrictions when it comes to where you can use your RGB floor lamp.

The dimmable feature of the lamps makes it useful to all living spaces.You will find various designs that you can use indoors. There are other larger designs that you can use for outdoor events. You can have a few floor lamps in the backyard instead of the common hanging lamps

When to Use RGB Floor Lamps

You can use RGB lamps in all seasons. You only need to change the Hue and brightness to create a cozy atmosphere for each season. However, it is advisable to avoid RGB floor lamps since you cannot restrict the movement of people. Nonetheless, you can use it if your event is formal. People exercise decorum, and the lamps will add to the decor.

night lamp for bedroom

Reasons to get RGB Floor Lamp

1. You will look stylish

2. It will create a focal point dor your living space

3. You can use it through all seasons.

4. You will only need one lamp for a specific space

5. You can choose a design that reflects your taste.

6. It will make your room cozy.

7. You can get good quality RGB lamp within your budget.


RGB lamps are not like any other lamps in the market. Their versatility sets them apart from all other lamps you will get. Find time to go through reviews of satisfied clients to get the best quality available.


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