How to choose floor lamps for your home?

How to choose floor lamps for your home


Lighting is an essential part of home decor. The majority of people prefer table over floor lamps. Getting a great floor lamp will not only make your living space stand out but it will also provide you with the kind of illumination you are looking for. There are thousands of floor lamp iterations and getting the right one may be a challenging process. In this article, we will discuss eight types of floor lamps, advantages/disadvantages, factors to consider when choosing a floor lamp as well as a frequently asked questions section on the same. Lets dive in.

Types of floor lamps

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  • Torchiere floor lamp
Torchiere floor lamp bedroom

This is the least invasive floor lamp design as it directs light upwards. They are excellent for creating point lighting on the roof or as additional living room lights. For purposes of direct functionality such as reading, this type of lighting may not be suitable. However, they work well as bedroom lamps as well or for any other non-task illumination purposes.

  • Swing arm lamp
Swing arm lamp

Swing arm lamps made it to this list based on the adjustability options it provides. Whenever you wish to change the illuminated area, you can swing or tilt the lamp module to a different orientation without having to move the entire lamp.

yellow tower lamp

Tower lamps spot sculpture-like outlook consisting of a wireframe wrapped in paper or thin fabric. Most designs offer additional shelves although standalone variants look great. The paper does a great job of diffusing light and screams contemporary on all fronts.

  • Table lamp
small table lamp

Although they share the same name, this type of floor lamp is far from the usual table lamp. This piece is a multitasking lamp that has a small table(s) built into the support. It’s great for small space living for the extra utility it provides. A variety of materials can be used on this although wood and glass stand out the most.

  • Tripod floor lamp
Tripod floor lamp

With three supporting legs, this standing lamp is eye candy to the majority of people’s tastes. They offer a warm glow in any spaces from living, study, and bedrooms. A single piece can be an accent to all dynamics of designs. They are mostly wooden although some may be metallic and the resultant light has little glare.

  • Arc lamp
arc lamp

This type of floor lamp has a gentle curvature to the conducting cable that doubles up as an anchor. They are best for smaller spaces where traditional floor and table lamps wouldn’t fit. The gentle arch makes it possible to receive overhead illumination when places behind your desk, couch, bed, etc.

led mood lamp

Mode lamps are tone-adjustable lighting fixtures that can adapt to the current ambiance of a room. They are capable of producing a range of warm to cool illumination and are excellent for both classic and contemporary home designs. If you are looking into a dynamic look and feel to your rooms, this would be an excellent option. They also make the best bedroom lamps for that magic touch.

  • Tree lamp
living room tree lamp

In simple terms, this a floor lamp with multiple lights. They can be uni-leveled, meaning they can all be located at the same height or multi-leveled, meaning they can be at different positions and angles. We especially love the sophistication that comes with this type of bright lighting.

Advantages of floor lamps

  • Convenience

They offer desirable lighting while still being easy to move around. They are typically light in weight and utilize minimal space in the living room. They do not require any special installation procedures unlike alternatives such as chandeliers.

  • Easy maintenance

In the event of blown bulbs, they are easy to reach and replace, unlike overhead lights. The majority of floor lamp fixtures come with universal bulb designs that are easily accessible from your nearest store.

  • Multiple functionalities

In addition to diffusing light, floor lamps also serve as design pieces for any room.

Disadvantages of floor lamps

  • The most outstanding and probably the only drawback of the right floor lighting is the additional space it may consume in smaller homes.

Factors to consider when choosing a floor lamp

  • Shape and size

Depending on the exact position you intend to place the light, it’s of the essence that the hardware comfortably sits and spans without getting intrusive. The height and end-to-end diameter often specified on the packaging of such lamps should match up with the reserved space in your home. Fortunately, this information is readily available online. Be sure to take simple measurements of height and width of your space using simple tools like a meter rule if you have limited living space before making a purchase.

  • Design

Based on the theme of the rest of your home, a floor lamp should be in sync and support the ongoing language. Think about the final picture it will create both when it’s on and off. For instance, a wooden club lamp would look odd in a 21st-century contemporary style living space.

  • Color

When considering any piece, not just floor lamps, color pops up at the top of the list of considerations. Although the lamp need not necessarily match up with the immediate background, it should, as minimum complement other items in the room.

  • Material

Great build quality and longevity of a floor lamp start with the choice of material both for the stand and the lampshade. Wood, reinforced alloys, thick aluminum, and steel are great options with great aesthetics and practicality.

  • Cost

The price of a lamp you opt for is directly proportional to the level of attention to detail and artistic touches it beholds. Depending on your intended use, opt for the best value for your budget. A great way of gauging this is by checking out customer reviews on the stores you wish to purchase the lights from. A perusal of pictures showing how the specific lamp looks in different living spaces should be useful in choosing the right product.

FAQ section

What is the best floor lamp?

The best floor lamp is one that fits well within your living space in terms of both size, color and design while delivering a long service life.

What type of floor lamp gives the most light?

High wattage LEDs generally offer more illumination with the highest power efficiency.

How tall should a floor lamp be?

The best floor lamp height is around 5-6 feet.

Bottom line

Factor in the intent, size, design, and cost before making a floor lamp purchasing decision. Take advantage of online customer reviews on the product you wish to buy to get an idea of how well it will fair. All the best, cheers!


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