2020 Best Lamps’ Gift Guide on Mothers’ Day

floor lamp for mothers' day in 2020

Mothers’ Day is just a few days away. What plans do you have for your mom? A nice floor lamp? Actually, it can be any woman who deserves a gift. Do you have a gift in mind? If not, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading.

Mothers value the appearance of their interior decor. Whatever you buy should have something to do with enhancing your mom’s interior decor. One more secret, mothers adore lighting because they know the magic it brings out in any room. Believe it; a lighting gift will work superbly. Speaking from experience, you can never go wrong with a lighting accessory as a gift for your mom on Mothers’ Day.

Fantastic Lamps’ Gifts for Mothers’ Day

Looking for suggestions on what kind of lighting you can buy for your loved one? Here are some awesome ones. Check them out.

1. RGB Floor Lamp

One of the most incredible gifts your mom receiving is an RGB floor lamp. This is such a fantastic appliance that makes a room worth staying. It allows switching colors from green, blue, white, and reddish light. Some RGB lamps provide more options for colors.

Lighting is essential. However, the color of the light stands out in every interior decor. For instance, if you want to create a serene, relaxed environment, perfect for intimate moments, a red light will be so perfect.

Blue light can also work well with some soft music playing in the background. RGB floor lamps look so impressive in the living room next to the TV stand and the sofa. In the bedroom, you can place one on each side of the bed. If it is smaller, placing it on top of the table is still a good idea.

One more thing, the RGB lamp has a remote and a footswitch. It is also dimmable, precisely what your mom needs. If you don’t how to choose it. You can check this article: 10 TIPS FOR PICKING UP A MODERN RGB FLOOR LAMP

2. Chandelier

Having a chandelier hanging in the middle of your living room is so fantastic. It not only lights up the room but also adds a cozy effect. Sipping some wine with a little music on can make a perfect Mothers’ Day for your lovely mom.

Chandeliers come in different styles, sizes, and shapes. What do you think your mom will love most? Find out secretly because surprise gifts are sweeter. Don’t go there, asking, “Mom, I wanna buy you a chandelier. What do you prefer?” It will totally ruin the surprise.

You can also choose between bulb and candle chandelier, depending on what you want to achieve. Also, make sure you deliver this gift along with someone who can install it.

3. Night Bloom Floor Lamp

See how the night bloom flower makes your evening so lovely? How about buying your mom a flower that won’t wither at all? The night bloom floor lamp is one great lighting appliance that every room must have. It not only lights up the room but also looks so perfect.

Shaped like a flower, it adds significant oomph to the interior decor. What I love most about it is that you can dim it a bit. If you just want a flower fluorescing in your bedroom when all the other lights are off, this is the best choice.

Nothing is as magical as watching a flower produce some faint soft luminescence. You can also let it fluoresce fully and light up your moments.

4. Monkey Lamp

Can I be honest? I can pay any amount for this lamp. It is the perfect gift for your mom’s Day, especially if she has a thing for animals. Monkeys make wonderful pets, but now they have some more work, holding the bulb for you.

Monkey lamps are made up of a fluorescing monkey with a bulb in hand. You can either buy a standing or sitting monkey lamp. Both look amazing. If you prefer a non-fluorescing monkey, a black one will do. You can have a monkey sculpture holding a fluorescing light, and the decor will still be elegant.

5. Giraffe Floor Lamp

Again, this is perfect for animal enthusiasts. The giraffe’s height is excellent for holding the chandelier. You can either buy a huge giraffe with a chandelier hanging from its mouth or a small one with a lampshade on top of its head.

The giraffe lamp looks both cozy and sophisticated. It creates a unique environment inside the house, one that keeps whispering a ‘feel at home.’ If giraffes scare your mom, then this may not be a good idea. You can casually ask, “Mom, do you love giraffes?” Her answer will guide you on your next course of action.

6. Fiber Optic Lamp

You are going to throw a party for your mom on Mothers’ Day, right? And what kind of party happens without fiber optic lights? This kind of light turns the whole room into a party mood. It will be so fantastic for your mom.

You can toast to it and say, “To many more parties ahead!” Fiber optic lights light up the room in a fascinating way. Kids also love them, and this should make a nice mothers’ day gift.

7. Chameleon Lamp Still

If she has a study room, your mom will definitely require a table lamp. A chameleon lamp still will make a perfect lighting accessory for the study room. With a bulb tied on its tail, the chameleon fluoresces softly, shining bright light on the table.

It is both unique and beautiful. Be careful because chameleons scare a lot of people. Make sure your mom isn’t one of them. If she seems to be scared, then this won’t be a good option. But you can let her understand that it’s just a lamp and not a live chameleon.

RGB floor lamp for living room

Over to You

Gifts are the foundation of every friendship and relationship. On your mom’s special day, you also need to gift her. Let her feel important and know that you really value her. How better than lighting up her Day, literally? Find the best lighting gift for Mothers’ Day and light up her world.

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