How to select an attractive lighting option for your bedroom in 2020

How to select an attractive lighting option for your bedroom in 2020

Your bedroom is a critical space where you spend over 8 hours. Many people look forward to spending their quality time in their bedroom after the day’s hassle and bustle. It’s vital to ensure that everything in your guest room is well organized to create a good mood. One of the essential aspects that you need to consider while organizing your bedroom is the quality of lighting.

There are multiple choices of bedroom lighting products in the market, and you may be confused about what to choose while shopping around. For instance, you may come across a variety of standing lightings, ground lamps, and LED floor lightings. This blog offers you essential tips on how to choose the best bedroom lighting in 2020.

How to select the best lightings for your bedroom

Listed below are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing the lighting for your bedroom.

Kinds of bedroom lighting lamps

When planning to purchase your cubicle lightings, it’s advisable to understand the kinds of lamps in the market. You also need to understand the type of bulbs that each type of light uses and specific places to fix every kind of lighting. For instance, in case you want the lighting to be on the floor, you may buy a floor lamp. Before approaching the market, it’s critical to conduct some background research to understand the kinds of bedroom lighting in the market.

The following are some of the types of bedroom lighting in the market:

  • -these are fixed on the ceiling and occupy minimal bedroom space.
  • -this is hung from a ceiling by either a string or a bar.
  • -they are small and can be placed on a table in your bedroom.

The purpose of the lighting in your bedroom

The purpose of your bedroom can determine the kind of lighting to fix there. For instance, in case you use your room for your private studies, you may require table lights and the ones that create an appealing mood. In case you practice your yoga exercises in your bedroom, you may consider fixing the led floor lamp. Led lighting does not only offer dim light but creates an appealing ambiance.

The theme that you want to create in your guest room

The kind of mood that you want to form in your bedroom determines the type of lighting to use. For instance, if you’re going to create a romantic feeling in your room, apply incandescent lights that create a sense of softness and appear lovely. You can do some online research to know the various themes that you can use in your bedroom through multiple forms of lighting. An excellent online interior design magazine can provide you with the inspiration that you need when creating bedroom moods through illumination.

The other themes that you can create through bedroom lighting include classic, modern, and transitional. It’s essential to ensure that the idea you create matches up with the bedroom’s decor.

Consider dimming the room

It’s critical to have a dimmer fixed with the type of lighting that you’ve chosen. The dimmer is an essential element as it helps in regulating the general mood in the bedroom. Using a dimmer, you can manage the amount of light in the room needed at various times of the day. The dimmer can also assist you in saving on power consumption, which can have a positive effect on your energy bill.

Consider the kinds of bulbs to apply in your room

There are various kinds of lamps in the market, including incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LEDs. The incandescent bulbs are usually used in interior spaces and save a lot of energy. The bulb is excellent on the chandelier, floor, and bedside lamps.

In terms of durability, a halogen bulb can stay for a long time compared to incandescent but uses a lot of power. The bulb can also warm your room.

The LED bulbs are the best because they’re durable, energy-efficient, and offer various shades in their correct intensity. It’s advisable to use LED bulbs because they’re environmentally-safe and provide the best lighting. However, LEDs are expensive for those with meager resources.

The aesthetics of your bedroom

Before purchasing your bedroom lighting, you need to consider the kind of decorative patterns that you may want to create there. For instance, you should buy customized floor lamps and table lighting that rhyme with the décor of your room.

The size of your bedroom

Any kind of light that you purchase must be relative to the size of your room. An experienced designer can assist you in having a sketch that can help you in understanding the relativity of lights with your bedroom.

Purchase the lights from a local store

It’s advisable to buy your bedroom lights from a dealer near you. You can quickly contact such a dealer if the lights fail to work correctly. A local dealer also assures you of warranty if the lighting malfunctions.

What you want to highlight in your bedroom

In case you want to display various elements in your room, purchase lighting that can help you achieve this aim. For instance, you may want to show specific artworks on your wall and ground sculptures. Use directional light when you want to highlight specific sculptural elements and wall artworks.

Consider the lighting needs of your children

You can boost your children’s morale in enjoying their various activities in the bedroom if you fix the correct lighting. For example, if you want them to read from their bedroom, it’s critical to have a table lamp. In case you have babies who may fear darkness, consider fixing soft glow lights in the bedroom.


Arming yourself with the correct information will enable you to select the proper lighting for your bedroom. The appropriate light can boost your room’s mood through the ambiance. This blog has offered you the essential factors that you should consider before purchasing any particular lighting for your room.

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