about chiphy lighting


When I was young, I fall in love with the lighting at the time that my father lit the oil-lamp. The lamplight not just light up the night, but more also light up my heart. It makes everything looks so beautiful and full of hope. At that time, I hope that I can make the lamp to bring light to other people in the future.

A few years later, I left the hometown to the city central high school. Then I realized the special of the city. The lighting in the city not just white, it could be other colors, including red; green; yellow; pink; purple and etc. So I truly understood what the power of technology is, I need to study knowledge harder.

After high school, I can not go to college due to a family accident. So I followed my heart, I got a job in the lamps factory.
As an apprentice, the colleagues friendly help me after they knew my experience. They patiently taught me how to do and what can not do during the manufacture of the lamp. I became more and more professional step by step. Gradually I can handle all kinds of manufacturing problems by own.

After 2 years, my hard work got a return. The hard work and professional skill got respect from my boss. I became a manager of the production line.

Because of the lack of cash inflow and wrong investments, our factory went bankrupt in February 2010. And then, I back to my hometown to take a rest with my family, and think about what to do for the next. One night, my father and mother suggested that I continue to do the lamps work, but maybe you can try to do it by own. They truly believe that I can do that, they always are my strong backing. So I established CHIPHY in the second half of 2010.

The mission of CHIPHY is to develop and manufacture all kinds of floor lamps to service more and more people to light up their life.

If you need bedroom lamps, living room lamps, led floor lamp, home decor lights, led decorative lights, corner lamp and etc, welcome to CHIPHY.


  • Our fabrics are produced by well-known manufacturers. Although they are expensive, we need to ensure the fabric’s ductility and durability.
  • Our electrical components are also supplied by experienced manufacturers to ensure the safety of the lamps in daily.
fabric shade


Specialized processing equipment and experienced personnel to ensure the quality of our products. We also pass a lot of certifications, such as UL, CE, and IOS9001.



We used to be a large-scale foundry, but we found that the share of OEM has begun to reduce dramatically, so we decided to research and develop our own products. The Chiphy softlighting floor lamp is our first step. We will introduce more new products in the future and bring Chiphy to the world.

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